Quality Policy

Fábrica de Calçado Dura combines the passion of producing footwear with accuracy, respect and commitment.
Guided by these values, we have acquired over the years the know-how, which combined with the care placed on the production of each shoe is reflected in a final product of excellence.
Our Quality Policy is based on the following principles:
- The satisfaction, trust and respect of our customers, as a reason for business success;
- Production of footwear with quality through the daily improvement of our manufacturing processes;
- Relationship with suppliers and other partners guided by the demand for the best quality and an adequate cost-benefit ratio;
- The fulfillment of the order delivery dates
- Compliance with the regulations and legislation applicable to our products, as well as compliance with the requirements of the standard applicable to our Quality Management System;
- Improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System with reference to the NP EN ISO 9001 standard.
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